زمین با متراژ 0 متر در منطقه - شهر (شناسه :1931)

  • تصویر یافت نشد
180 تومان
شناسه ملک در سایت 1931
نوع ملک باغ و زمین
نوع معامله خرید و فروش
متراژ ----
زیربنا 180 متر مربع
تعداد طبقات 180
شماره طبقه 180
تعداد اتاق خواب 180
سن بنا 180 سال
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s a key part inside conservation and raising awareness.

The Monster Panda is normally greatly tormented by forest eradicating for timber and agriculture.There is as well the difficulty of overgrazing.Habitat destruction is a problem for those Orangutan, mainly because land is normally cleared for agriculture and also commercial logging.The Borneo together with Sumatra islands are the only places left alive where old Orangutans are found.

Bottlenose Dolphins have their own personal problems with the hand for humans.The oceanic masses are extremely polluted as well as dolphins are likely to be caught way up in offshore fishing tackle.When the shipping lanes turned into busier, they are at risk to colliding with ships.The Animals for Ownership scheme is crucial for your depleted variety of Bengal Competition in Nepal, that happen to be in endless danger from poachers.It's hoped of the fact that patrols that are put in place can help the specific situation.

The demand to your horn in the Black Rhino has got made this particular species quite rare.The powder produced by the horn is almost certainly a popular ingredient for traditional Chinese medicine.For a second time, habitat clearance pertaining to agriculture and additionally logging is certainly putting the actual Asian Elephant under peril.Animals meant for Adoption is one show you are concerned about all all these endangered pets or animals.